Hi, I am Lauren Kearley

I'm a Senior Mobile Consultant at Delta Air Lines, Georgia Tech Computer Science alumna and current graduate student, iOS Developer, and AR enthusiast


Some of these projects are private research for Georgia Tech, but the applications and code samples are available on request.

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Brain Trauma Assessment Protocols

The goal of this research team is to develop a suite of iOS, Android, and web applications for patients suffering from aphasia and their clinicians. While working on this team I have developed iOS applications to streamline the diagnostic testing for aphasia.

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Heart Rate Monitor

This application collects heart rate data and records audio to analyze the stress levels of surgeons during operations. Its purpose is to pinpoint which parts of a procedure residents find the most difficult and help determine how long it takes the residents to feel confident in the operating theater. It is currently being used to monitor the heart rate of ophthalmic surgery residents as they progress through their training at Emory University Hospital.


I started this website as a way of teaching myself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I ended up spending an entire weekend coding (almost) non-stop, and I had a blast doing it. So I decided to utilize my school's Lynda access to learn more about web development and Adobe Illustrator. As I continue to learn more about graphic design, user interface design, and web development I will continue to improve upon this website in my free time.

Sparse Order Picking

My research team works to improve order picking times in warehouse settings using augmented reality applications. The repositories I have contributed to include the perspectives with Magic Leap which tests what position in a users field of view is best to put picking information, and the Unity order picking which contains Magic Leap, HoloLens, and Google Glass applications used to test which style of AR headset is most conducive to use in order picking.

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Discourse Application

This application is used for research at GSU to investigate cortisol levels in patients with Aphasia during speech. The application assesses patients language abilities through a picture identification sequence and a series of questions asking patients to name objects in specified categories. The results of this testing sequence are uploaded to DropBox for analysis by researchers.

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Alzheimer's Speech Analysis

This application is used for research at Emory University Hospital to measure speech capabilities in Alzheimer's patients. The application consists of four modules, picture identification, immediate and delayed face-name recall, and picture description. The results of this testing sequence are uploaded to Box, a HIPAA compliant storage solution, for analysis by clinicians.